My Beauty Spot Jade Rollers
My Beauty Spot Jade Rollers
My Beauty Spot Jade Rollers

My Beauty Spot Jade Rollers

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The most natural way to eliminate puffiness, wrinkles & fine lines and maintain clear & healthy-looking skin.

Rejuvenated & uplifted facial skin is the ultimate holy grail of anti-aging skincare. Flawless skin is the secret recipe to maintain a high level of self-confidence and get ahead in every aspect of life.

Daily use of the Jade Roller will help achieve this by encouraging lymphatic drainage and boosting the skin's natural detoxification process.

Most jade rollers have two ends - the large roller and the small roller. The large roller is for larger areas of the face (cheeks, jaw, forehead) and the small roller is for smaller areas of the face (under eyes, brows, etc.). 


What Are The Benefits?

  • Improves skin brightness and elasticity;
  • Eliminates dark circles and fine lines;
  • Deflate face and eye area;
  • Shrinks dilated pores making them less visible;
  • Reduces facial muscle tension;
  • Relieves body tension and stress;
  • Helps skincare products penetrate better.

How to use:

  1. Apply the serum, moisturizer, or oil on the face skin(optional);
  2. Massage face with the largest stone of the face roller, always starting from the inside out to stimulate lymphatic drainage;
  3. Use the smaller stone with gentle but firm pressure on the lower part of the eyes to remove dark circles and puffiness;
  4. Use the smaller stone to massage the chin;
  5. End with the neck using the "up and down" motion from the inside out;
  6. Wash the roller with a mild soap between uses.

Case Quantity: 24
Assortment Details: My Beauty Spot Jade Rollers
Brand: My Beauty Spot®
Colors: Green
Length: 0.875 in.
Width: 2.125 in.
Height: 4.25 in.

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